Best Android Tips and Tricks – 7 Easy Android Performance Tips

Best Android Tips and Tricks - 7 Easy Android Performance Tips

With our 7 easy Android Tips and Tricks get the most out of your Android Smartphone and improve its performance. These android tips and tricks includes making your mobile device ring to only selected device, find your phone and much more.

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Read along to find out Best Android Tips and Tricks – 7 Easy Android Performance Tips

1. Phone rings only when your Parents calls!!

Do you want your phone to ring only when your parents, girlfriend or when your boyfriend calls? You can turn this features on so that your phone rings only when you get a call from some particlar numbers and on other calls the phone will not ring and disturb you.

To turn this feature on follow these steps

Go to Settings.
Click on Sound
Click on Do Not Disturb.
Now click on Priority only allows.
You will see three options.
1. From anyone – Phone does not ring on any calls.
2. From contact only – Phone rings on only numbers save in your contact list.
3. From starred contacts only – Phone rings for only selected number in your starred list.
Select on From starred contacts only and put numbers you want to be in the starred contact list.

2. Google’s built-in spam protecter

Are you tired of getting spam calls? Stop spam calls to your number with Google’s built-in spam protecter.

To turn on the spam protection follow these steps

Go to your Phone application.
Click on the three dots on the right hand side of your screen. You will see a dropdown list appear.
From the list, click on Settings.
On the Settings page, scroll down and click on Caller ID and spam protection.
On the Caller ID and spam protection windown slide the button to ON.

When you turn this on Google will automatically block calls from those numbers that people have reported as spam.

You can put a number to the spam list too.
To put a number in the Google’s spam list follow these steps.

Head over your Phone application again.
Click on recent calls.
On the number which you want to mark as spam, tap on it.
Now click on Report call as spam and then block.

This will put the number in the spam list.

3. Disable Pre-installed application from your phone

Disable application which runs in the background which you do not use. This helps your mobile to preserve battery as well as help your smartphone to run faster.

Some bloatware application cannot be uninstalled as it is part of the system and in not removable. But you can still disable such kind of applications.

To disable bloatware follow these steps

Head over to your phone Settings page.
Scroll down to your App Manager and click on it.
Search for the application which you want to disable and click on it.
On the window which opens up, click on Disable button.
On the pop-up windows that opens up click on Disable App.

This uninstalls the application and you will not be able to see this application anymore on your phone.
You can enable this application by follow the process above and now you will find an Enable button instead of Disable button. Click on the Enable button to reinstall this appplication on your phone.

What you can do is disable it by opening the app menu from the main system settings and finding the app in your list. Right at the top will be a “Disable” button that removes it from your app drawer and prevents it from running in the background.

4. Find your lost phone

Did you lose your phone or misplaced it somewhere in your home? You can now find you phone no matter where it is by simply using Find my phone which is a Google’s tool.

You can use this tool with another mobile device or a PC.

To find your lost phone follow these steps

Log into your Google account.
On the Google Dashboard head over to Andriod.
Link for the Dashboard :
Choose your phone from the menu.
Once there, you will see three options.
Play Sound – By clicking on this, your phone will start ringing even when your phone is on silent mode.
Lost Mode – This will lock your mobile device and will give you its location.
Erase – This will erase all the data that is present in your device.

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5. Simple step to increase your battery level to 2-3 hours

Are you outside and you are running low on battery? Use this simple step so that you will be able to add 2-3 hours of battery life more to your phone.

Go to Settings.
Click on Display.
Tap on Brightness Level
Now, shift the level to 50%.

Just following this simple step this can save you hours of battery life.

6. Never lose your photos

This step will allow you to recover all your photos even when you lose your phone.

Follow these steps

Log into Google account in Settings.
Now head over to Settings and click on Backup.
On some feature Backup is in Settings > System > Backup.
Turn on Back up & Sync (Back up to Google Drive) and check if the Backup account is your own account that you use.

With this you can back up your Photos & Videos, Contacts, SMS and much more.

7. Use two Applications Simultaneously

This features comes stock on Nougat or higher. With this feature you can chat on Whatsapp while you watch your favorite show on Netflix.

To do this keep on pressing on the overview button. This will reduce your currently opened window into half your screen and you can select another app for the second half.

Now you can use two app at the same time.