Best Antivirus for Android – 6 Best Android Antivirus App

Best Antivirus for Android - 6 Best Android Antivirus App

Best Antivirus for Android – 6 Best Android Antivirus App. Android is the most broadly utilized OS on the planet. With that having the best security applications and antivirus is a must on your Android device. More popularity means more bad guys trying to get into the system, as people using it will be more vulnerable. If you download software from the Google Play Store then you don’t to worry about the security. Google themselves checks each and every software that’s present in their Store for any mysterious or vulnerable software.

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But if you download apps and games from other websites then there is a high posibility that these apps are not properly check and might contain a backdoor or bad scripts which might harm your device.

For your safety you need to make sure that you have the best antivirus for andriod installed on your device. Also make sure that you check the certificate of each application that you install in your device.

You do not want to have all of your precious photos, videos, apps and all of your contacts to get deleted because you installed some goofy app in your device and it hacked the system.

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There are tons of antivirus applications on the Play Store that are pretty useless and does not perform its job. You need to make sure that you have that antivirus install which does what it says.

Go ahead and choose from the Best Antivirus for Android List:

1. Avast Antivirus

With over 100 million downloads and loads of features Avast is surely one of the best Antivirus for Andriod smartphones out there. Avast Antivirus is also very popular among the Andriod community and helps protect users devices all over the world.

Avast have a very simple and easy to use interface which makes it so popular. With just a tap you can find out details about any risky application on your device, trojans and gives total assurance against viruses. It also has applock features, helps to block unwanted calls and it also has a firewall protection for your device.

Some of the features that this antivirus has are:

Cleaner for cleaning reserve and remaining records
Photograph vault for verifying photos against undesirable access
Web shield for safe web perusing
Time spent of each application on your device
Remove ads, SIM security and so on.

With that being said, we can safely say that Avast Antivirus is the best antivirus for Android that is free out there.

2. AVG Antivirus

AVG is another enormous name in the antivirus category. This comes very close to our first choice, because of the fact that AVAST bought AVG. So much of it is pretty same with only a couple of contrasts with each other.

Cool thing is that in the event that your andriod device gets robbed or misplaced you can track the andriod device with AVG’s built in anti-theft tracking feature.

Besides that much of its feature is similar as the AVAST like periodic scanning, cleaner, block unwanted calls, booster, etc.

Some Features:

Perfoms as a dual antivirus for cleaning viruses as well as malware from your device
Anti-theft tracker
Photo locker
Boosts battery life

3. Bitdefender Antivirus

With not much change since its release, this antivirus protects your device against major threats. Due to its cloud checking innovation this makes scanning quite fast with this Antivirus.

Thanks to its cloud checked innovation, it does not drain much of your battery. It also gives you protecting against web and your account, has a malware scanner and anti-robbery feature.

Some Features:

This supports Android Wear gadgets
Has a built in VPN
Protects while browsing the internet

4. Dr. Web Antivirus

Being one on the oldest in the Antivirus game, Dr Web provides fast and full scan of your device. It also protects your device from Trojans and protects against ransomware.

This antivirus has a filtering feature which filters out any sms and calls which you want to and you can also filter out URL. Dr Web has a built in anti-theft feature and firewall.

Helps to save data while browsing the internet by reducing the size.

Other features:
Has parental control
Filters unwanted sites
Confines access to undesirable Internet assets
Diagnoses, uncovers security issues.

5. Norton Security & Antivirus

With its powerful detection system which can detect viruses from inside applications and other files and also delete them helps Norton make our list of best antivirus for android.

With it’s amazing security feature like removing infections that can cause a hindrance to your device and also removing malwares and spyware from you device makes this antivirus standout.

In the event that you lost your device you can block you device by simply sending a message to it. It can also lock itself if its sim card is removed.

More Features:
Filtering wi-fi
Spam undesirable calls
Flags hazardous sites
Helps locate your device

6. Kaspersky Antivirus

Compared to other antivirus applications Kaspersky is quite extraordinary. This antivirus incorporates constant protection against burglary and hostile to phishing.

Kaspersky is quite popular and offers blocking of both calls and SMS. Has a applocker which protects your unauthorized usage of applications in your device. Though it does not offer much features as others in this list it does has malware scanner.

Other features
Solid security against infections, trojans, and malware
Spam blocker
Mobile tracker
Supports Android Wear.