Cost varies according to your project. Cost will mainly depend on the time it takes to complete your project, features, functionalities, etc.

If you are on a budget, don’t build a fancy looking website. Start with a simple website which will get the job done. The main part is your business, as your business grows then you can upgrade the same website to a much better looks and premium website.

Note – There’s a reason why prices of websites are not equal. A website built on Rs 10,000/- will look totally different than website built on Rs 1,00,000/-

It depends on your project. Every business has different requirements, functionality, styling, etc. It mainly depends on these things.

We built each website as if its our own and take each step carefully and build it securely and perfectly. So, in the end you will get a website which is up-to-date and secured.

Over the years, we have gained enough experience to be able to finish a website quickly so we will be able to deliver the website on the time mentioned in the products.

Of course, you can upgrade any feature of your website or your whole layout of your website anytime.
Definitely, after working with us, we will be there building your business online. If you get any issues or want certain updates to be made, we will be available for you. You can call or mail us any time you want any changes to be made.

After you have placed an order, depending on the product and your price range we will start creating a rough layout of the website and show it to you. We call this period, the trail period.

After you are satisfied with the design and features, then we start building the website and deliver it to you within the time specified.

Note – Do check on the product page exactly what features and design you will be getting with the ordered product. If you need additional features added then you have to pay for that particular feature.

Yes, you can cancel your order and get a refund anytime before the trail period. But, after the trail period you cannot cancel your order or get a refund.

We will complete the project ordered and deliver it to you on time.

We have always delivered our clients order on time. But who has seen the future? In the event of unforeseen events like pandemic, shutdown of internet connection due to strike or other events where we are not able to work, then we might be late on delivering orders on time. God forbid it never happens though. 🙂

Even if such case do occur we will keep in touch and will update you about the latest development.