How To Remove Harmful Viruses From PC or Laptop

How To Remove Harmful Viruses From PC or Laptop

How To Remove Harmful Viruses From PC or Laptop. But first of all how can you detect that you have a virus in your PC? Though it may not be obvious that you computer may have been infected by virus, you can somehow get an idea that your computer have been infected by a virus.

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Just because you have an anti-virus installed on you computer does not guarantee that you you computer cannot be infected by virus. In most cases these anti-virus that you have on your computer cannot detect the virus that has now entered your computer and even if they do detect the cannot delete these viruses.

Just because you do not use internet on your computer does not mean that your computer cannot get virus on them. If you connect a infected USB drive in your computer, your computer will get infected. Also a simple connecting your phone may infect your computer with harmful viruses if your phone has them too.

In order to detect if your computer has been infected by a virus, these are some warning bells that can help you figure out if your computer has been infected by harmful viruses.

How To Remove Harmful Viruses From PC or Laptop

You computer has been running slower than usual since some time.

Pop Up Messages appearing on your screen.

You can hear you hard drive running even when you aren’t using much of the computer.

These viruses might encrypt your files in your computer and you won’t be able to open the files. These files will completely destroy all the files in your computer. It will also degrade the performance of your computer making it slow. Your online accounts may get hacked, you will get pop up ads appearing on your computer and also viruses such as ransomware will lock your device and ask you money in order for you to be able to log back into your own computer.

In order to Remove Harmful Viruses From Your PC or Laptop Follow These Steps

1. Open your computer in safe mode.

We need to open our computer with as minimum programs and services and on normal mode all of the programs gets loaded. Opening computer in safe mode also makes it easier to delete the viruses as they are not active anymore.

Click Here – How To Open Computer on Safe Mode in Windows 10 ?

2. Go to start and search for “Run”.

3. Open Run and on the run command type “cleanmgr”.

4. You will get a pop up with “Select the drive you want to clean up”.

5. Select the drive where you have installed Windows and where usually install your applications and click on “Ok”.

This opens up a pop up with a Disk Cleanup tab opened.

6. Select on all the check boxes and click on “Ok”.

After clicking Ok you will get another pop up. Click on Delete Files.

Now, you need to scan your computer for virus. Make sure you use another anti-virus to scan your computer as the anti-virus that you have been using in your computer was not able to detect the virus in your computer.

You can use this scanner by Malwarebytes to scan through your computer.

7. After installing the malware scanner, run a scan.

The scanner will be able to detect the virus. Remove it once the scan completes.