Speed up Internet Connection – Tips to speed up your Internet

Speed up Internet Connection - Tips to speed up your Internet

Do you want to speed up internet connection? Is you internet connection running slow? If you are tired of your video buffering on Youtube or Netflix and always wondered on how you could just speed up your connection, then this article is for you.

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Follow these 8 steps on how you can increase the speed up internet connection.

1. Check your speed

The first thing that you need to do before you go to other steps is to find out what exactly is the speed of your internet. You need to find out what plan you are paying and if you are getting the speed that the plan tells you would.

For that you need to contact your internet provider for details about your plan or go to their website to find about the plan details.

Before you test the speed, stop all the work that you are doing on the internet, mostly those which requires lot of data, like downloading or playing online games. You want to get the approximate speed of your internet, you don’t want to mess up the data’s by doing some other stuff on the internet.

Head over to Speedtest.net.

On the window that open click on Go.

Wait for a while for the website to check your internet connection. It will take less than thirty seconds for the test to complete and you will find out the speed of your internet.

This test mainly consist of a sample download and uploading to the server to check the connectivity. You can get different results throughout the day, as the internet fluctuates all day long. You can try it at any time, you can get an overall idea of how much is the speed of your internet.

2. Update

Any device that has not been updated slowly starts to run slow not just on internet but as a device as a whole. So you need to keep all of your devices that you use internet on so that you are not running on some older versions.

Exit apps which you aren’t using –

Be sure to check that you there are no applications that are running in the background that you are not currently using. These apps could be juicing up your internet connection.

So it is important that you exit all apps and open only the app which you want to use. Also make sure that there are not much tabs opened on your browser when you are browsing. Keeping many tabs opened will lead to each tab needing some bandwidth. So close all those tabs which you aren’t using in order to increase the speed of your internet.

3. Reset your router

If you think that your net is having some serious speed issues then you need to reset your router often.

Resetting your routes helps keep your internet fresh. This gives your router a break and gets reactivated with fresh internet connection for you.

When you reset your router it clears its cache and any background processes from the router.

To reset your router, switch your router off and remove its plug. After thirty seconds, plug it back on. This resets your router.

4. Check your routers spot

Is your router placed at the right spot? Singals sent from routers are of very high frequency but with that comes the problem that it can get blocked by those that comes in its way. Walls, boards, or any objects that comes in the way of your router and your device will slow down the internet.

These radio signals from your router also have a shorter ranger, so make sure that you are close to your router.

Keep your router on the room that you mostly need to use the internet. This will significantly increase your internet connection.

Speed up Internet Connection - Tips to speed up your Internet

5. Install new firmware

A trick that you can use to speed up internet connection is to install a new firmware intou your router. A new updated firmware will improve the speed of the router and it starts to perform better.

6. Check who’s connected to your device

If you do not have password protected your wifi connection then it is high time that you do now. Your neighbor next door might be using your internet without you noticing it. This might be a reason that your internet has been working slow.

Even if you have password protected, log into your router and check often to see who’s connected to your router and make sure that you change your password frequently.

7. Clear Cache

If you have never cleared the cache of your browser then do it now. Go to settings and hover over to advanced settings. You might see clear cache option. Click on it and it will clear the browser cache for you.

Cache are cookies and trackers that gets stored in your device when you visit a website. This helps the bots to know you the next time you visit that website. Clearing cache helps to remove errors and also improve the speed while browsing.

8. Scan for viruses

Even if you go through all the steps above, if it does not speed up internet connection then you need to install a good malware scanner and scan your device for malwares.

Sometimes if your laptop or your mobile phone is infected by a virus then this will lead to slowing down your mobile phone as well as to slow down your internet. Check your device for any viruses and remove these viruses if you do have.

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