Top 7 Adsense Alternatives for Small Websites

Top 7 Adsense Alternatives for Small Websites

Today we have created an article on Top 7 Adsense Alternatives for Small Websites. If you are asking yourself can you really make money blogging without Adsense, then you can obviously make money without Google Adsense. Here are will be showing you best Google AdSense alternative for small websites and those website which have low traffic.

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Though Google Adsense is the best choice to monitize your blog, there may be times when you can’t monitize your blog because your account is not getting accepted or you got banned.

You have worked hard all these years and suddenly you get banned. That’s something which no blogger wants to face.

Things like this makes you want to look for other Adsense alternatives from which you can monitize your blog.

You may just be looking for adding more to your income stream rather than depending only on Google Adsense.

We have selected Google Adsense alternatives from where you can monitize your blog and earn more money.

Read along to find out the Top 7 Adsense Alternatives for Small Websites in 2019 :


If you ask us the best alternative for Google Adsense, it has got to be as it’s a ad network by Yahoo! and Bing!!!

The ads you get through is very much similar to Adsense and even offers high-paying ads. provides several ad styles to its publishers and content ad being their main ad style. has a minimum payout at 100 dollars and you can receive your payment through PayPal or Wire Transfers.

2. Exoclick

Exoclick has comes up at number four for the largest ad network in the world. This ad network started back in 2006. Exoclick ensures that your ads performs better than other ad network.

They provide various kinds of ad types like billboard banner, in-video, native advertising, display banner and much more. For mobile ads they have Instant message, Interstitial, Display Banners, Pop-unders and Mobile redirects.

Exoclick has a minimum payout of 500 dollars for wire transfer and 20 dollars for PayPal. They support more payment options and publishers can expect to receive their payments weekly or monthly. It is required for publishers to contact customer service before their first payment in order to verify.

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3. Infolinks

If your site contains large amount of texts then Infolinks provides you with high conversion with their in-text ads. In-text ads anchor tags words in your blog and underlines them, so whenever someone scroll over a word a pop up appears.

Infolinks approval process is pretty quick, so make sure your site is rich on content before applying. Their payment option includes PayPal, wire transfers and Western Union at a minimum payout of 100 dollars.

Infolinks pays after 45 days to its publishers.

4. Adsterra

With large brands starting to use this platform, Adsterra has been the fastest growing ad network. They provide best solutions for advertisers as well as publishers.

Adsterra provides industry’s highest CPM with its user friendly platform.

They have many payment options including the frequent ones Wire Transfers and PayPal. Publishers can receive payments two times per month, minimum payout being 100 dollars.

5. PropellerAds

If your blog is new with low traffic then PropellerAds is the way to go. They have recently started web push notifications ad.

You can choose from a variety of ad types according to your blog. They even place ads for video content.

Their minimum payout is at 25 dollars and has several payout options.

6. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is a new ad network which you can try out. Their ad type includes banner, sliders, top and footer style banners, pop-under, and much more.

If your page has low content then no ads will be displayed.

RevenueHits offers contextual as well as geo-targeted ads. Keep in mind though that publishers gets paid only when user performs some specific actions. So just clicking on an ad does not generate income as it is performance-based ad.

RevenueHits minimum payout is at 50 dollars and has several payout options, including PayPal.

7. Viglink

If your site links to other websites or e-commerce store then Viglink is the way to go. If you have links on your website, Viglink transfers this link into affiliate links. They keep a part of the commissions and pays you the rest.

Their payment is a bit slow at 60 days at a minimum payout option of 10 dollars with PayPal.

These are our Top 7 Adsense Alternatives for Small Websites, hope you can monetize your website even if your have low traffic to your site with these Google AdSense alternatives.