Valuable Inventory Scraped Content on Google Adsense (Demo)

Valuable Inventory Scraped Content on Google Adsense

Valuable Inventory Scraped Content on Google Adsense

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“Valuable Inventory Scraped Content” is the message demonstrated when you duplicate post from another blogs article and then paste the exact same content into your website.

“Valuable Inventory Under Construction” is the message that you get when you have applied for Google Adsense but even before getting a reply from them you change the code of the website, or changed the theme or did anything out of the usual stuff that made your website appear different than before you applied for Google Adsense then you receive this message.

When your website has less than ten to fifteen article and your article is not yet indexed in google but you still applied for Google Adsense you will receive “Valuable Inventory No Content” message.

Valuable Inventory Scraped Content on Google Adsense

How to Fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content?

If you have got an “Valuable Inventory Scraped Content” message after you applied for Google AdSense then this surely means that your website contains plagiarized content.

What this means is that you have simply copied from other blogs articles and pasted it onto your blog. Doing this will simply result in you getting the Scraped Content message.

And no, using tools like article rewriter or spin bots and other tools to rewrite your article that you have copied from other website is not going to help you. Google bots are smart enough to figure this out and you will keep getting Scraped Content message each and every time you apply for Adsense.

Most of the people in a hurry to start earning from Adsense wants to take the easy and fast way to get there. They simply buy a domain and make a website and host it with plagiarized content and then think that they will get approval from Google AdSense. This is completely wrong and is not accepted by Google. In your greed, you will simply waste your time every time you apply for AdSense using this technique.

If you want to get approval from Google AdSense after getting Fix Valuable Inventory Scraped Content message Follow These Steps:

1. There is no easy and fast way. You have to earn it. You yourself know which articles you have copied from the internet. Remove those articles.

If you are not sure which article are scraped content, then you can use online Plagiarism Checker and check which of your articles are plagiarized. We recommened using Edubirdie for Plagiarism Checker as it is a free online Plagiarism Checker tool.

You don’t have to post every day. Take a week to write a single article. You will be working hard but you will be rewarded.

2. See that your articles contains more than 350+ words atleast. If you have less content on your article then there will a high possiblility that you will get No Content message on Google AdSense. So, take time and write quality and long article.

3. If you are using any kind of affiliate ads on your website remove all those links and then only submit your site for approval. Otherwise, Google’s going to disapprove your site.

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