Why is my phone so slow ? Android phone freezing

Why is my phone so slow Android phone freezing

Ever asked yourself the question why is my phone so slow ? Has your Android phone been freezing, slowed down and running very slow opposed to what it was when you first bought it?

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In this article we are going to show you how you can speed up your Andriod phone and make it working as brand new again.

Before you head over to an online store searching for a new smartphone, we suggest you to try these methods and see how it goes.

Here are 6 steps how you can fix why your phone is so slow :

1. Updating your phone

The first thing that you need to do if your Andriod phone is running slow is to update it. There might be a bug on your phone and with your old version, so updating it a new version of Andriod will fix the bug and help you to speed up your device.

2. Free up space

If you have lots of apps, photos and videos on your smartphone, overtime this will all pile up and have on impact on your device.

Your device needs some memory in order for it to work properly but if your phone’s storage is full then naturally it will lead to your phone to run slow. So, it is always good to clear up your device storage.

In order to free up some space on your phone go to Settings then head over to Storage.

In Storage you can see how much free space you have and what all files and applications are taking up space on your smartphone. Then you can clear up those files and apps which you do not need and free up space.

3. Clear Cached Data

Cache are data of applications that gets stored up in your device. This makes loading data like images and other files to load faster eacho time you open the app. So if you use a lot of Facebook and Instagram a lot, lots of cache gets accumulated on your device which takes up considerable amount of space on your phone.

In order to clear these Cache on your phone, head over to Settings.

Tap on Storage.

Scroll down and click on Cached data.

On the pop-up click on Ok.

This clears up the cache data from your smartphone.

4. Disable unnecessary Animations

Animations may look great when your smartphone is new but overtime the same animations leads to slowing down your smartphone, making it look like watching a video buffer on Youtube.

If you feel like the animation is not as fluid as it used to before, it is a better idea to disable the Animations altogether.

In order to disable Animations, follow these steps

Go to Settings.

Scroll down and click on About.

On the About section, head over to Build number. Repeatedly tap on the Build number, after seven times tapping on Build number, you get a message that you have enabled the Developer options.

Now, go back to Settings. You will see a new menu there called Developer options.

Click on Developer options and on the screen that appears click on Window animation scale.

From the list of options on Window animation scale, select Animation off.

You can go ahead and turn the animation for both Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale.

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5. Never install third party cleaners

It might look like these apps are freeing up space on your phone it is doing more harm to you phone. Smartphones uses their own RAM pretty well to handle the load. If you use cleaners, it clears up or stops even those which are needed, which leads to your device to work more slower than before.

Also the third party apps require you to give permission which you do not want to give. If you are concerned over your privacy and security of your device, its better that you do not use such apps.

6. Reset your phone

Even after performing all the steps above your phone is still running slow, you can always reset your device.

Performing a factory reset will make your device work as good as a new one.

But before performing a factory reset of your device make sure you have backed up all the files of your device and then reset your phone.

Be aware that reseting your phone makes you phone, as you had bought it first, which means all the apps and files on your device gets erased, your messages, contacts, everything. So, perform this step on if you are tired of your phone running slow.